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Version 20.1.0 - MIKE Release 2022 Update 1

  • DHI.Mike1D.ResultDataAccess: Adding support for reading results files from SWMM (.out) and EPANet (.res, .resx). Improved performance of reading large result files.

Version 20.0.1

  • DHI.Projections: Fixing issue with the Lambert conformal conic with 1 or 2 standard parallels, when working west of greenwich on the southern hemishpere. Standards of how the projections should work have recently (March 2020) been updated. Both map projections have now been updated according to the latest recommended guidelines.

Version 20.0.0 - MIKE Release 2022

  • DHI.DFS: Added support for bulk reading and writing of DFS0 file data, to help on Python performance when reading/writing dfs0 files.
  • DHI.EUM: Added degree symbol for temperatures. Various new items and units added.
  • DHI.Projections: MapProjection.AreIdentical improvements, modified to accept erroneous map projection strings.

Version 19.1.1

  • DHI.DFS: Fixing issue when reading DFS file through a .NET stream on Windows.

Version 19.1 - MIKE Release 2021 Update 1

  • Various performance improvements, especially for the DHI.Chart.Map

Version 19.0 - MIKE Release 2021

  • Support for "native" access through a C-API, for access in C/C++/Delphi or similar environments have been added for some of the components.

  • The MIKE SDK installer now only contains binary files for running applications. Examples, documentation and binary files for building applications are now all available online

Version 18.0 - MIKE Release 2020

  • NuGet support: NuGet packages for the libraries in the MIKE SDK is available on, for ease of integration in build systems and use in Visual Studio.